Rindal - Gateway to Trollheimen

Rindal is a small village at the gateway to Trollheimen. There are about 2000 people in the community, most recently in 2005 was measured to be landest best municipality to live by Statistics Norway survey of living conditions. Rindal is a municipality that is both Vestland, Inland, Northern Møre and Trøndelag, which is easily detected in the landscape, building and living. Rindal is in many ways a middle-Norway in miniature. The scenery ranges from mountain peaks to flat communities, from barren rock to lush valleys of unique species. Good conditions for hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation.


In Rindal, rent a house or set up a camp on Trøknaholt camp, next to a good salmon pool and Schanke trophy design. Tight at County Road 65 and salmon river Surna is Bolme House which, among other things offers accommodation and meals. Saga Hotel Trollheimen between County Road 65 and Rindal offers accommodation, restaurants and activities to online visitors from far and near. Rental cabin with sleeping space for 8 people located in Helgetun forest, with Trollheimen as sleeping blanket.

In addition, you will find historic sites, including the childhood home and the statue of John Nergård in Romundstad. In Rindal is Rindal Museum. The museum also has a wilderness area located in the Foss Valley of Lomunddalen.

Rindal Society is based on the agricultural culture, but in recent years, industry (especially timber based from Nordmøre Pine) emerged. However, Rindal best known for its tradition of skiproduksjon, naturally because of the stable winter and much snow. Rindal has become a popular spot for cottage life, especially for those who want some quiet, quiet and with plenty of space. Many landowners have attractive sites in Lomunddalen, Rørdalen, Tifjellet, Grønli, Langli Torsen, Furuhaug, Resfjell and Helgetun forest. Well organizations and a trail group has constructed shelters and trails (including wheelchair) in some of these places. The most developed is Elementary is a popular seaside resort and is the venue for other activities. Elementary is located in Rindal.

Municipal services, bank, post office and shops are clustered around Rindal Square Rindal. Along County Road 65 are such shops, petrol stations / garages and agricultural center, the Rindal Plateau are multi-purpose building Rindal House, where a lot of organized cultural and sports activities take place, and Rindal Church and Rindalsskogen is Rindal Upper Chapel. Rindal house also has a climbing wall, library, pool and cinema with their specific hours.

Salmon River Surna provides the basis for fishing along much of the village. Trøknaholt Camping has a laksehøl, otherwise you can buy a fishing license for trout nearby. The hosts are also European champion taxidermist, where bl.annet taxidermy salmon is his specialty. Workshop and showroom. Bolme pension is well located on the main road and very close to the Surna, which sold the license for Surna. Saga Trollheimen Hotel has developed and offers a network of activities in Trollheimen for their smaller and larger groups. There is the whole package or one's activity. Mention may be caving, canyoning, climbing, canoeing, horse-drawn carriage, the Viking's Eve, photography / safari and creative action. What is new is huge pine walk. The yard is suitable for family gatherings fun and easy retro-activities such as styltrer, horseshoes, paint, jump in the hay, etc. Leaders inside and outside. If you want to stay in Trollheimen on a hand-built cabin, next to a nature reserve, is to contact Helgetun forest.